1. Use of Personal Information


Personal Information refers to any data, including Sensitive Information, related to an identified or identifiable individual, received or acquired by Yellow and documented in any format. Personal Information retains its personal nature, even if it's publicly available. It does not encompass information that has been altered or anonymized to the extent that it no longer allows for the direct or indirect identification of an individual (referred to as anonymous personal information).


You can explore our stores or our Website without providing any personal information. Nevertheless, with your consent or when a law mandates or permits us, we may collect, utilize, store, and transmit the following categories of personal information about you:

  • Summarized data
  • Contact details
  • Occupational information
  • Financial particulars
  • Identity information
  • Data used for marketing and communications
  • Transaction history
  • Security footage
  • Technical data


In the event that we do collect, utilize, store, or transmit your personal information, it will only be for one of the following purposes:


(A) To facilitate purchases, returns, or exchanges

You are not obligated to share any personal information when you make purchases with cash at our stores. However, if you use a debit or credit card for your transactions, we will collect your debit or credit card information and, exclusively in-store, your signature for processing and managing your payment. When you make purchases on our Website, we will also gather information such as your billing and shipping address, phone number and email address to fulfill your orders. Optionally, we may collect additional data like your birthdate, which we utilize to send birthday greetings.


When returning or exchanging previously bought items at our stores, you may be requested to provide your name, address, and telephone number. This data is collected to manage our loss prevention program, which includes identifying and preventing fraud. For returns where customers receive a debit or credit card refund, we will collect and use debit and credit-related information for refund processing.


Types of personal information collected: contact, financial, and identity information


(B) To support our marketing and advertising campaigns

When you sign up to receive our newsletter, catalog, or other promotional materials via mail or email, we may collect personal information, including your first and last name, email and/or mailing address (depending on the delivery method), and your interests to provide you with the requested service.


We will contact you only if you opt-in. You have the freedom to opt out of receiving our promotional communications at any time by using the "Unsubscribe" option at the bottom of our emails or by contacting us, as detailed in the "Unsubscribe" section below.


When participating in contests, promotions, or surveys, we may gather your name, address, phone number, and email address. This information is used to administer your involvement in the contest or promotion and, for surveys, to understand our customers and improve our product and service offerings, promotions, and events. When entering a contest, promotion, or survey, you may be asked for permission to receive future marketing information from Yellow or its marketing partners. To withdraw consent for such communications, please refer to the "Unsubscribe" section below.


Types of personal information collected: contact, identity, and marketing and communications information


(C) To register on our Websites

Certain features on our Website, such as the wish list and account creation, may necessitate registration. During registration, we collect your first and last name, email address, and a password of your choice to deliver and manage the requested service. During online registration, you may also be asked for permission to receive future marketing information from Yellow or its marketing partners. To opt out of such communications, contact us as explained in the "Unsubscribe" section below.


The "Share your wishlist with a friend" and similar functions on our Website enable you to send emails to others. This functionality requires you to provide your name and email address, along with the recipient's name and email address. We do not use the information submitted in these situations for any other purpose without your consent or the consent of the email recipient.


Types of personal information collected: contact and identity information


(D) To address your inquiries and provide information upon your request

When you submit questions or comments to customer service via email or our live chat, or when you visit a customer service desk at one of our stores, we may collect personal information, such as your name, email or mailing address, and/or phone number to respond to your inquiry or comment. We may also collect various data you provide to help us answer your query.


Types of personal information collected: contact, identity, and marketing and communications information


(E) To enhance Website performance and service quality

We may collect information about you and your use of our Website through technical means, such as cookies, webpage counters, and other analytical tools. This may encompass your IP address, login details, browser type and version, time zone configuration and location, browser plug-ins, operating system and platform, and the technology on the devices you use to access our Website. This information is necessary for managing and enhancing our Website and its content, ensuring its effective and secure operation, and developing our business and informing our marketing strategy. We may also create aggregated statistical data from this information, such as overall visitor numbers, which is not considered personal information about you.


We or other advertisers may use this information to serve you advertisements. When these ads are targeted, they may involve using Website information and information we (or our advertisers working on our behalf) have obtained from other sources. However, this will not include information like your name or contact details. When our ads are shown to you using your information, this use is necessary for our legitimate interests in marketing to you.


Types of personal information collected: aggregated, contact, identity, marketing and communications, technical, and transaction history


(F) To recruit employees

We may post job opportunities on our Website. If you apply for a job or make a related inquiry, you may provide us with personal information, such as that found in your resume, cover letter, or similar documents. We use this information to process and respond to your job application or related inquiry.


Types of personal information collected: contact, employment, and identity information


(G) To prevent or detect unlawful activities, safeguard our enterprise and Website (including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing, system maintenance, support, reporting, and data hosting)


We may process your personal information, including your purchase history, financial data, CCTV footage, and any police reports, to investigate potential criminal acts concerning our assets.


This involves rendering decisions based solely on automated processing of your personal information in the context of credit card payments. To aid in preventing crime and minimizing business losses, we employ services delivered by third parties (e.g., Signifyd) to automatically notify us or obstruct any purchase or return transaction suspected of being fraudulent or abusive.


Types of personal information collected: contact, financial, identity, and technical data; transaction history and security footage


  1. Collecting Personal Information


We employ diverse approaches for gathering Personal Information related to you, achieved through:


(A) Direct interactions

You may provide us with your identity and contact particulars by completing contact forms or by communicating with us through traditional mail, telephone, email, or other means.


(B) Indirect contacts

We might obtain some personal information concerning you from third parties, to whom you have previously furnished such information, adhering to their individual privacy regulations (e.g., gleaned from Facebook and Google Adwords for marketing endeavors, secured through a background check provider for hiring purposes, acquired from our payment processor to thwart fraudulent activities).


(C) Automated technologies or interactions

While you navigate our Website, we automatically amass technical Personal Information regarding your hardware, online interactions, and tendencies. This form of Personal Information collection is facilitated using cookies, pixels, server records, and analogous technologies. Furthermore, should you frequent other websites that employ our cookies, we could also receive technical Personal Information related to you.


  1. Disclosing Personal Information


With the exception of what's delineated herein, we shall not reveal, exchange, lease, vend, or otherwise convey personal information regarding our patrons to any external party without your consent.


(A) Service providers and advertising cookies

We may transmit your personal information to service providers who furnish services on our behalf, including payment processing, website hosting, email dispatch, administration of contests and promotions, or evaluation of our advertising efficacy. Your personal information may be retained and processed in Canada or in the United States, involving our associates and additional service providers.


Yellow utilizes retargeting tracking technologies, such as Google Ads, the Facebook retargeting tracker, TikTok pixel, Bing pixel and Pinterest pixel. Consequently, we shall persist in displaying ads to you across the web, notably on the Google Content Network (GCN), Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, and partner websites. Please rest assured, we respect your privacy and are not collecting any personally identifiable data through the use of Google's retargeting system or any other comparable system. Service providers, including Google, who furnish their services for us, will deploy cookies on web browsers to deliver advertisements grounded on prior visits to our Website. This allows us to present special offers and sustain the promotion of our services to those who have demonstrated interest in our service. If you wish to abstain from automated data gathering by service providers' advertising networks for the purpose of delivering tailored advertisements, you can visit the consumer opt-out page for the Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising at http://www.aboutads.info/choices/ and modify or opt out of your Google Display Network ad preferences at http://www.google.com/ads/preferences/.


These service providers are bound by a confidentiality agreement and other legal constraints that oversee their use of information furnished by us, and they are not authorized to employ or divulge personal information for any reason aside from delivering services on our behalf or as otherwise mandated by relevant legislation.


(B) Disclosure during business transactions

Yellow may become engaged in the divestiture or transfer of a portion or the entirety of its commercial activities (including transfers conducted in conjunction with insolvency or bankruptcy proceedings). In the course of such divestiture or transfer, Yellow may disclose your Personal Information to the acquiring entity, but will mandate the acquiring entity to pledge the safeguarding of your Personal Information in a manner congruent with the principles set forth in this Privacy Policy.


(C) Legal requisites and law enforcement

Yellow may divulge your Personal Information to a government authority that has established its legitimate jurisdiction to acquire the data, or when Yellow possesses reasonable grounds to believe the data might be beneficial in the investigation of illegal activities, or to adhere to a subpoena or warrant, or an edict issued by a court, individual, or institution vested with the authority to compel the disclosure of information, or to comply with the regulations governing the presentation of records and data, or for the counsel of Yellow.


If you would prefer not to have your information shared in the manner described in sections 3(A), 3(B), or 3(C) above, please inform us (consult section 12 - Contact Us below).



  1. Cross-Jurisdictional Transfers


Your personal information is safeguarded in protected facilities and on servers managed by Yellow or its service providers. These facilities and servers can be situated within our corporate premises or at the premises of our service providers in Canada. If you reside in Quebec, please be aware that your personal information could potentially be relocated to our facilities or to the facilities of our service providers located in different Canadian provinces or beyond the borders of Canada.


Our service providers might be positioned outside of your governing territory and may be compelled to disclose your personal information pursuant to the legal statutes governing their jurisdiction, which could include the United States. As the situation warrants, we have taken every reasonable measure to ensure that your data will not be employed for objectives unrelated to the purpose of your record or conveyed to service providers without your sanction, except when required by law. For details about our policies and procedures concerning the service providers to whom we have conveyed your personal information and their specific locations, please reach out to us.


  1. Website Information


We gather the Internet Protocol address of all individuals who visit our Website, along with associated details like the internet browser and computer operating system being utilized, the duration of the visit to the Website, usage patterns within the Website, and the domain name of the website through which you accessed our site. This data is compiled to assist us in comprehending and enhancing your interaction with our Website.



  1. Cookies and Web Beacons


Our Website employs a technology known as "cookies." A cookie is a small piece of data that our Website can transmit to your browser, which can then be stored on your hard drive for subsequent recognition upon your return. We utilize cookies on pages of our Website where login prompts exist or where customization is available. If you have registered on our Website, these cookies aid in user identification and may be essential for delivering the requested products or services. Cookies may also supply us and our service providers with data that we can utilize to personalize our Website in accordance with your preferences. You have the option to configure your web browser to notify you upon receiving a cookie. Nevertheless, declining cookies from our Website may restrict your access to certain features. Our Website may also make use of a technology termed "tracer tags" or "web beacons." This technology allows us to track the pages you visit on our Website, helping us enhance and tailor the Website for your benefit and that of future visitors.


If you prefer not to be identified during your visits to our Website, you can utilize an incognito browser window. Additionally, you can eliminate traces of your visit by clearing your browser history.


  1. Your Rights


Subject to certain exemptions, you possess the following rights concerning the personal information we gather about you:


(A) Your Right to Access

Upon your written request, barring certain exceptions, Yellow will inform you of the existence, use, and disclosure of your personal information and provide you with a copy of that personal information in compliance with the timeframes specified by law. You have the right to access and rectify the information we retain about you. Kindly send any access requests to us using the contact information below.


We aim to respond to all valid requests within one month. Occasionally, if your request is particularly intricate or you have made multiple requests, it may take longer than one month. In such cases, we will inform you and keep you updated. Additional copies may necessitate a reasonable fee.


(B) Your Right to Rectification

Should the personal information we hold about you prove inaccurate or incomplete, you are entitled to have it corrected. If you have this entitlement and we've shared your personal information with others, we will strive to inform them of the rectification whenever possible and without undue effort. Upon request, and if it's feasible and lawful, we will also provide you with the identities of those with whom we have shared your personal information, enabling you to contact them directly.


(C) Your Right to Be Delisted

You maintain the right to govern the dissemination of your personal information. Consequently, you can request the de-indexing (i.e., removal from search results) of any hyperlinks linked to your name, which provide access to your Personal Information, provided that the underlying dissemination of your Personal Information breaches the law or a court order, or otherwise causes substantial harm to your reputation or privacy. This right also extends to re-indexing (i.e., inclusion in search results) of any hyperlinks associated with your name when such action can prevent the perpetuation of a serious injury to your reputation or privacy.


Please reach out to us for assistance in altering, updating, or deleting personal information previously furnished to Yellow. Be advised that we will process your request in a reasonable timeframe.


(D) Your Rights Concerning Automated Decision-Making and Profiling

You possess the right to know whether we employ your Personal Information for the sole purpose of automated processing. Upon request, you are also entitled to learn about the Personal Information categories utilized in rendering such decisions, the rationale behind those decisions, and the primary factors influencing them. Should you detect any inaccuracies, you maintain the right to rectify the information utilized for rendering the decision. Furthermore, you can submit supportive remarks concerning a request for reviewing any automated decisions that employed your Personal Information.


(E) Your Right to Request Data Processing Information

You can contact us to request details about our data processing activities, specifically pertaining to the Personal Information collected from you and how it is processed by Yellow. We welcome your queries regarding the categories of individuals with access to your Personal Information at Yellow and the applicable retention period for said information.


(F) Your Right to Withdraw Consent, Deactivate Your Account, or Unsubscribe

If your consent (or explicit consent) forms the basis for processing your Personal Information, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time. Please note that this will not affect the legality of any processing conducted before your consent withdrawal. The withdrawal of your consent may, however, impact our ability to provide specific products or services to you. We will apprise you of such implications upon your consent withdrawal.


For any data or privacy request, kindly submit an electronic request or reach out to us at 1-844-360-5982 or via live chat.


If you prefer not to continue receiving emails from Yellow, follow the provided steps below. Be aware that every email we send includes an option to unsubscribe from our email list, affording you the means to cease email receipt at any time. You can also contact us as outlined in "Section 12 - Contact Us" below. Please allow 10 business days for your request to be enacted. We value your patience and understanding while we process your request.


To unsubscribe from our communications:

  • Access the "Account" section.
  • Log in by entering your email address and password.
  • Inside the "Profile" window, click “Edit” next to the “Contact preferences” and then choose "Unsubscribe from all Yellow’s Emails" button which is located under the “Frequency” header. Once these modifications are made, click “Update your contact preferences” to save your changes.


(G) Your Right to Lodge a Complaint with a Privacy Regulator

You retain the right to lodge a complaint with the pertinent privacy regulator at any time. In Canada, you can engage with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada or the applicable provincial privacy commissioner corresponding to your province of residence. Nevertheless, we would appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns before involving the appropriate privacy regulator, so we encourage you to reach out to us initially.


  1. Personal Information Security


We understand that our customers entrust us with the safeguarding of their personal information, a responsibility we take with the utmost seriousness. We have established measures to protect the personal information within our custody and control, including allowing access to personal information solely for employees and authorized service providers who require such information for the purposes outlined in this Privacy Policy. We maintain reasonable administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to counter unauthorized access, utilization, modification, and disclosure of personal information within our custody and control.


To enhance your security, online access to particular personal information may be shielded by a password of your choosing. We strongly urge you not to disclose your password to anyone. Yellow will never solicit your password in unsolicited communications.


However, it is vital to acknowledge that, regrettably, no data transmission over the internet can be definitively guaranteed as secure. Consequently, Yellow cannot assert, guarantee, or warrant that personal information will remain shielded from loss, misuse, or alteration, and assumes no responsibility for personal information submitted by you, or for your or third parties' utilization or misuse of personal information.


Below, you'll find some recommendations to bolster the safety of your online shopping:


  • When using a public computer, always ensure you log out once your session concludes.
  • Guard your passwords. Be mindful that anyone who knows your password can gain access to your account.
  • When devising a password, opt for at least eight characters, with a mix of letters and numbers being the most secure choice. Refrain from using dictionary words, your name, your email address, or any other easily obtainable personal information. Regularly changing your password is also advisable. If you require assistance, visit the "Account" page sign in and click the "Forget your password" tab. This action will send you an e-mail to reset your password.
  • Employ distinct passwords for your various online accounts.
  • Exercise caution when it comes to unsolicited emails and unexpected phone calls.


Moreover, Yellow will never initiate contact to solicit your credit card number or bank account information. Such information should solely be shared with Yellow when conducting a transaction, either through direct contact with Yellow or by making online adjustments to your account. If you receive a suspicious email containing a link to update your account information, refrain from clicking on it. Instead, access your account directly at www.yellowshoes.com. Should an unfamiliar individual contact you, send you an unsolicited email, or request your password, personal information, or banking details, please disregard the request and reach out to us immediately.


For security purposes and to combat fraud, Yellow will exclusively accept credit card payments through this Website if the billing name and address correspond to those of the credit card holder. If there is a discrepancy, your order will be declined, even if your bank has pre-authorized the transaction. In such instances, the order amount will only become available once the credit is reinstated to your account, a process that can take three to five business days.


  1. Using Social Media and Social Networks


We advocate for your examination of the privacy preferences and configurations within the social media platforms and networks you engage with. This practice will help you grasp the extent of control you possess concerning the sharing of information from those platforms and networks with us. Should the need arise, you can modify your preferences to align with your usage.



  1. About Children


If you are a child under the age of 14, you are welcome to explore our Website; however, you won't be able to make a purchase or become a registered user or utilize any services that require personal information. Please be aware that our site is not intended for children, and we have no intention of gathering personal information from individuals under the age of 14. This policy is implemented to safeguard the interests of children.


In the event that you register with us and we ascertain that you are under 14, we will promptly delete your registration details. We will notify you of this action via email. If you are under 14 and wish to make a purchase, we kindly request that you seek assistance from a parent or guardian to place the order on your behalf.


  1. Changes to Our Privacy Policy


From time to time, we may revise our Privacy Policy to encompass alterations in our personal information handling procedures. These modifications will be made available through an updated version of the Privacy Policy on our Website. Your personal information will be managed according to the Privacy Policy in effect when the information is collected, or as otherwise agreed upon by you. In the event that adjustments are made to this Privacy Policy, we will promptly publish the revised version on our Website.



  1. Contact Us


Should you have any inquiries or remarks concerning this Privacy Policy, desire to exercise your rights regarding your personal information, or need to file a complaint regarding our personal information handling, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Privacy Officer:


Privacy Officer:

Graziella Khawand , CPA , CMA

Chief Security Officer

Email: serviceclient@yellow.qc.ca


Groupe Yellow inc. / Customer Service

5680 rue St-Dominique

Montréal, Québec

H2T 1V6