To all the content creators inspired by Yellow’s fashion and culture, join Yellow’s adventure! Submit your application to collaborate with us to share your unique #YELLOWAMESPIEDS looks. Join a vibrant community and help spread the #YELLOWAMESPIEDS spirit!

Frequently asked questions


#YELLOWAMESPIEDS represents a community of content creators passionate about Yellow’s fashion and culture. As content creators, members help shape and spread the creative richness of the #YELLOWAMESPIEDS spirit.

What are the benefits to join #YELLOWAMESPIEDS program?
  • PR boxes featuring our most popular shoes and accessories
  • Opportunities to participate in our exclusive events
  • Discount codes reserved for ambassadors in exchange for visibility
  • A chance to be featured on our social platforms, our website, our newsletter and in-store
  • Opportunities to have your own selection of products in-store and online
  • Blog posts about you, your looks and your favourite Yellow shoes
  • Access to a dynamic community
Is the program open internationally?
  • The program is only available in Canada for now.
What are the criteria for applying?
  • Be a Canadian citizen and at least 18 years old
  • Have knowledge of social media platforms and be active on different platforms
  • Have active engagement and be able to share your statistics
  • Have a passion for the mission and values of the Yellow brand
  • Not be affiliated with another shoe company
  • Create appropriate content that positively reflect the Yellow brand and respects company values
  • Communicate transparently with Yellow
How do I know if my application has been accepted?

Once your application is successful, we will contact you by email to guide you through the next steps of the program.