Not sure about which size you need?

There are two ways to find the right size; Using a ruler and a simple sheet of paper, or, for more precision, using our printable foot-measuring scale. Once the measurement is found, refer to the size guides below. If you have any questions, Yellow customer service is always ready to help!

Before measuring your feet, make sure you are wearing the correct thickness of socks you are planning to use for your new shoes! For example: go barefoot for sandals, but try thick, cozy socks for winter boots!

Option 1 | Measure your feet

  • Lay a piece of blank paper on the floor and tape it to the ground. Stand up straight on top of the paper with your feet placed in the centre of the page.
  • Using a pen, mark where the furthest point of your toe lands on the paper. repeat process with your other foot, as right and left foot may be different.
  • Take a ruler and measure heel to toe length your marked for each foot (mm).
  • Finally, just look at our chart below and see which size fits you the best.

Option 2 | Print our foot measuring scale

Using the sizing guide below, you can measure your foot size to help determine your shoe size.
Simply print it out by clicking on the link, and follow the instructions.

How we measure our products

On the product description of every items of our website, you will find lots of details, and, from those details, you will see that we added the measurements of boot shaft height, calf circumference and heel height for some items. We want to show you how we took those measurement to make sure you can find the right item for you without having to return what you’ve ordered!

Measurement have been taken from size 6 boots and the result may vary slightly in some cases.


1. Calf circumference

Measured around the fullest part of the boot.

2. Shaft height

Measured from the bottom of the foot to the top of the boot.

3. Heel height

Measured from the back of the heel to where it meets the boot upper.

Find the right CALF for you

Wrap a cloth tape measure around the fullest part of your calf to get your calf circumference.

A. Wide calf (16" or more)
Boots with functional laces, buckles or stretchy uppers are excellent choices for wider calves. Many boots have elastic goring that stretches to provide additional calf circumference.

B. Narrow calf (less than 13 ¾")
Some boots are cut for women with slimmer legs. Others feature adjustable or stretch fabrications that conform better to a slender leg. Whether your calves are wide or narrow, short boots worn with matching opaque tights are a great alternative to knee-high styles.

Find your size

Now that you have your measurements, use them to determine which shoe size is best for you based on our table below! Keep in mind that half sizes may not be available for all styles. If your measurements are between two sizes, or if you find that that one foot is measuring longer than the other, always go with the bigger size!

Note: size may vary depending on the styles and types of shoes.

Still not sure what to order?

No problem! Feel free to contact our customer service for assistance! When you order from Yellow, your returns are always hassle free in stores! For more information, see our return policy.

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Keep in mind that half sizes are not available in all styles. If your measurements are between two sizes, or you find one foot's measurement is larger than the other, always move up to the larger size. 1(844)-360-5982