October is the month of comforting dishes, knits and the return of Fall colors leaving us breathtaking scenery. Fall is well and truly arrived! Here are some ideas for activities to do during this season.


Pumpkin patch

The apple picking season is coming to an end, but it's still time to pick its own squash. A very nice activity to do with family. Find your pumpkins for your Halloween decorations or for cooking.

gourd picking pumpkin


Comforting meal

Precisely, after picking your own squash why not cook them? There are a multitude of recipes highlighting squash whether muffins, soups, or simply as a side vegetable. Put yourself in your kitchen and try new recipes! For those less familiar, it's also the perfect occasion to share a good cheese raclette with friends and family.

apple pie muffin


Hot beverage

What's nicer than wrapping yourself in a blanket and warming up with a nice hot drink? There is something for everyone, coffee, tea, hot chocolate or hot cider. There is nothing more comforting on a cold, gray day.





Once your favorite hot drink in hand why not plunge yourself into reading a new novel. Take time out of your daily routine. You are not a reader? You can always opt for a good movie or listen to TV series in the comfort of your home.



Hiking in nature

What better than to take fresh air to recharge your batteries? Enjoy what nature has to offer. The month of October is probably the most beautiful month that gives rise to extraordinary landscapes. So go for a hike in nature. Choose a place that is at your level and enjoy the scenery. Do not forget your camera to immortalize the moment.

hiking - fall season fall colours



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October 16, 2017 — Florence Forgues