Besides being ambassador for Yellow, Jay works as a host. He can host live, radio and TV shows, but he has specialized, over the past years, especially in hosting marriages. Almost all his summer weekends are full bringing happiness to newlyweds and their guests, which implies that he must be dressed up to the nines and quite often in jacket during hot weather.

First anecdote of the season that we share with you, for the look created initially, we planned that the suit would include a very pale gray pants, but unfortunately, in the morning, Jay realized that his pants had soaked with bleach and was thus impossible to wear. AND to add to our misfortune, sometimes when we are shopping to find an article of clothing in particular, we don’t quickly find what we are looking for, so we have to do with what we have already. And it was our lucky day, Jay was wearing his only one pants of his wardrobe that could match the look. For my sharp eye of stylist, it wasn't perfect, but it was going to save the day. The task of ironing has been tedious, but greatly needed to breathe new life into the pants, for an evening, since without being old, a colored fabric quickly fades over washes. And it is an unwritten rule, but to introduce you to a wedding, all your clothes should be freshly ironed and clean.

Now to create a trendy, chic and lightweight look for his first wedding of the season, we chose some shades of blue, not too dark to avoid heat being absorbed. But the greatest gift you can offer you to keep you cool, it is certainly to get you a shirt with short sleeves. However, make sure you find a shirt that suits you, of which shoulders fall in the right place, of which the cut is quite fitted, that follows your torso forms and that suggests well the stature of your body without molding it too much. Then, the sleeves must fall in the right place, must be neither too long nor too short and must not make your arm seem too small or too big. And you will find the perfect shirt only by trying different models.

Who says marriage, said long day, which brings us to seek some comfort in our clothes, but especially in our shoes. And since the conventions have now fallen, let’s take advantage of this to wear something other than the traditional leather shoe that was "required" for so long. We thus liked WEST so much, a shoe with denim sheath and white sole, for its chic sneaker look and its tendency to greatly let the skin breathe. To complete the suit, we found an important ally for this shoe: the tie that unifies the look.

Have you received an invitation for a wedding this summer?

Text and style: Audrée Bellehumeur

Linguistics and translation: Arielle Desabysses

Model: Jay Chevery

Photographer: Samuel Bibeau
June 30, 2016 — Anaïs Colpron