A few “Yellow” tips which will help parents make the right choice.

Children grow faster than the speed of light; so does their feet size. Generally speaking, parents need to renew their children’s wardrobe every season. But nothing is more challenging than finding the right set of winter boots that will bring warmth and ease at the same time.

During the winter, every mom’s number one concern goes for her children’s health, and needless to say, their warmth. Are the clothes that the kids are wearing a good enough barrier to  shield them the outside cold? Can the snow boots that they have on handle both their non-stop activities and the harsh weather conditions?

Once that’s in check, the second priority becomes whether the boots are practical. Are they easy to wear and to remove? Are the boots’ soles designed to minimize the collection of undesired rocks and dirt? Is the felt liner replaceable, and thus dry-able?

The act of buying the shoes is also time consuming. Busy parents order online, so the measurement of their sons’ and daughters’ feet size should be thorough and accurate. Going shopping with kids can be tedious, so going to one single store that encompasses the range of the family’s footwear needs becomes a blessing.

We wouldn’t be writing this blog if we weren’t going to appease the concerns of all the parents out there.

Look for waterproof winter boots. This advice might be obvious to many experiences parents, but it seems forgotten by many. The good news is that we designed our winter boots to survive and conquer the cold and the rain from the get-go. Equipped with Velcro strap and warm polar lining, their waterproof holder base make them excellent to survive playground activities. They were built to last.

Make sure the boots include replaceable felt liners. Children’s feet sweat easily. Remove the liners when they get back home to dry them up quicker. When putting them on, advise your children to wear the liners first before putting on the boot. The liner might not sit perfectly if inserted into the boot first. Most of our winter boots have these, and we also sell their new corresponding felt liners every season.

Speed-up your shopping experience by going to one single store. Yellow Shoes’ children’s winter boots come in four brands: Riverland, Yeti, Baffin and Snowblast. They meet the Fashion needs of girls, boys, old and young, and are available in all of our stores and online.

We recommend the following boots for boys!


We recommend the following boots for girls!



November 10, 2016 — Alessandro Merlo