Some people swear by monochrome, mainly in order to simplify their life by choosing a single color for their look of the day or for their whole wardrobe. This may sound easy, but not always succeed. It is essential to ensure that the clothes are the same color because black can easily be bluish, greenish or grayish, and this principle also applies to all colors. And, unfortunately, from person to person, the perception of colors is not the same; thus, we must choose our clothes with a good light to see all the nuances in the color. Another option would be to play with the contrasts of texture because, if there is a color difference, it would be much less significant.

For our look of the month, we mixed the military trend with the minimalist street wear, which leds us to choose the RALPH pair of leather boots, that is well lined for cold weather conditions which still persist. The boot model is quite impressive with its braid attached with classical buckles, its decorative quilts and its military style. To balance the look and to not leave all the place to the boots, the clothes have then to impose.

For men, the spring will leave all the place to two opposite trends: short or very long. And this is the latter that we chose to complement our boot. For this style to be successful, layered clothes and comfort are the watchwords. The first layer must be long and fit close to the body, the second must be oversized without being too oversized. Several options are possible: a shirt underneath a large sweatshirt, a long-sleeved sweater underneath a XL T-shirt. The idea is that the first layer is tight-fitting and hanging out because of its length, at the waist or the sleeves. And the coat must cover everything; thus, we chose this reinvented model of aviator jacket with a matte finish, which brings out the silky finish of the T-shirt and the glossy finish of the jogging pants. Which goes to show that playing with the textures of fabrics helps to achieve and succeed the monochrome look. 


And, as usual, we added a particular touch with the accessories: we chose a black wristwatch with a fabulous dial, that visits the colors of a prism in a few hours, and a pair of socks with the same citrus colors – a pleasure for eyes of those who will see it. This is our own unique way of breaking style. What is yours? 


Text and style: Audrée Bellehumeur

Linguistics and translation: Arielle Desabysses

Model: Jay Chevery

Photographer: Samuel Bibeau


February 16, 2016 — Alessandro Merlo