Spring’s arrival is often synonymous with lighter and softer colors, even though white is often somewhat despised. Especially by those who are a little chubby (ahh the famous belief that only black makes you look thinner!) and those with a pale complexion.

But no! You definitely should not be afraid of white! This color is perfect for reviving the pale complexions, it automatically creates a “softbox” effect on your face (we often use the “softbox” effect in photography to give a glow to our models). It will make you look radiant, guaranteed!

In addition, women with a stronger shape should not hesitate one second, because the white brings a light that creates a slimming effect on your curves. I am myself a bootylicious lady that regularly wears white!

Finally, we are often reluctant to wear white because it gets easily DIRTY!

Nobody likes to end the day with dirty pants or not-so-clean sleeves. Grrrr.

Not to worry, here are two small tips for you.

First, do not hesitate to roll up your pants: it is really fashionable at the moment and it looks great!

Then, use the same trick for the upper body: roll up your sleeves; it will make you look taller! Cool isn't it? Second, a good stylist secret: make up remover wipes do miracles for all stains!

Also, do not forget to be careful and separate your colors when washing your whites!

So do not hesitate to wear white and get inspired by the these ideas!


March 22, 2013 — Alessandro Merlo