We are happy to tell you that, every Wednesday, our stylist Sarah Laroche will share her favorite styles with you!

Sarah is passionate about her job, and always gives her 100% to create astonishing styles! Learn more about her by reading the following interview:

How long have you been working for Yellow?

It's been a year and a half. I have known the brand for as long as I can remember and I am immensely pleased to be working with this great company.

How did you become a stylist?

I studied visual arts, photography and films.

I've been surrounded by arts since I was born:  my father is a painter and my mother teaches art history.

I became a stylist in 2001, following a replacement for a fashion editorial in a magazine and since then, I never stopped working!

What is your favorite color?

Oh la la! This is a really difficult question to answer, because I love all colors. Each color inspires a different emotion.

But still, I have a little preference for emerald green. Shhh! Do not tell the other colors! ;)

Which artist inspires you the most?

There are so many artists that inspire me. I admire above everything my dad's work, Yves Laroche. I keep unforgettable memories of growing up by his side, while he was painting.

I also love the work of Mark Ryden, an American artist.

As for fashion, I admire the work of Andreia Chaves, a Brazilian shoe designer. I'm also a fan over the late designer Alexander McQueen, probably his greatest fan!

But honestly, I admire each artist. Being an artist is one of the toughest jobs, but it is also rewarding and fulfilling.

What is the artist whose style you appreciate the least?

I rarely judge people's style negatively. But, I can say that I'm not really a fan of vulgar and hyper sexualized styles.

What is your sure bet for a successful look?

Comfort! The style has to reflect your true personality. I often wear black leggings (well, pretty much all the time!) with a more dynamic sweater and fun shoes. I have several pairs from Yellow!

What is your favorite trend for spring-summer?

2013 is one of the rare years where the fashion industry goes dark for its spring / summer collections. So white and black are ultra-trendy. We still find pastel colors and colors very'' flashy'', like neon yellow or fuchsia.

For my part, I will play between punchy colors and black. I love black!

Which one do you like the least?

The neon trend does not talk to me. The fluorescent colors are not fitting well on everyone and it's hard to create a good look!

What is your shoe size?

I'm usually a size 9 if you want to know everything!

What Quebec creator do you prefer?

We have so many talented designers! Many are my friends and I see them work so hard!

My favorites are: Anomal Couture, Bodybag, Eve Gravel, M0851, Melissa Nepton, Helmer, Marie Saint Pierre, Philippe Dubuc, Denis Gagnon, Complex Geometries, UNTTLD, Rad Hourani, Barilà, Harricana and Nadya Toto.

Vive le Québec for its creativity!

What international designer inspires you the most?

Alexander McQueen, one of the greatest designers of the century, gone too soon.

What are the qualities needed to become a good stylist?

The greatest qualities a designer must possess are: passion for the job, patience, tolerance and flexibility. It is a very unstable job, and the stylist must be able to adapt!

What looks like one of your typical day?

I have NEVER had one day like the other in my entire career as a stylist.

The routine is inexistent in my work. If I need to go to a photo shoot, I head to the studio or selected location. I always start by installing my looks and preparing the models as quickly as possible.

I then make sure that the clothes fit perfectly on every shot taken by the photographer. Then, at the end, I have to repack everything and return to my own studio.

Otherwise, I am in a ''searching'' mode. I have to go everywhere to find the best pieces corresponding to my clients requests.

What part of your work do you like least?

Despite the fact that being a stylist is one of the most demanding jobs in the fashion industry, I really love all its facets. I am constantly learning, regardless of the job that I do.

Are you more autumn / winter or spring / summer?

Definitely Fall! I love the cool weather, colorful trees ... But mostly fall looks, layering textures, the return of boots!

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January 29, 2013 — Alessandro Merlo