According to The Global Language Monitor (GLM) - an association that analyzes and classifies different topics each year depending on the number of references made in the media (press, television and internet) - here are the “Cities of Fashion” in 2013!

1 - London

2 - New York

3 - Barcelona

4 - Paris

5 - Madrid

This year, London passed New York through two major events that undeniably put the city on the map in 2012: the rise of Kate Middleton (Prince William’s wife) as a fashion icon and the Summer Olympics.

However, New York, the city that never sleeps, is not too far away from the top with its multiculturalism and its lovable chaos. It is also one of the four pioneering cities holding a Fashion Week, with Paris, Milan and London. For a summary of the latest New York fashion follow the link:

Two Spanish cities can be found this year in the top 5: Barcelona and Madrid, taking Milan out of the top 5, even though it is still recognized as the traditional capital of Italian fashion.

As for Paris, it keeps being downgraded every year. However, Paris Fashion Week being  the only one presenting Haute Couture collections it will always make it as an important player in the fashion world!

And what about Montreal?

Montreal appears timidly at the 52nd rank. Even with its own Fashion Week, Montreal was, according to GLM, ‘’eclipsed by the debut of Vancouver but still a formidable force’’.

No doubt that with all the talent we have here, Montreal will quickly rise in the rankings!

January 29, 2013 — Alessandro Merlo