Renata Morales is a visual artist who works with fabric. Originally from Mexico, she now lives in Montreal.

Her creations have been seen on the tv show Grimes and in Arcade Fire’s Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) video.

Inspired by everything that is art related - music, sculpture or painting – Renata Morales makes dresses in vibrant colors and unique designs. Moreover, she does her own impressions on the fabric! Everything technique she uses is handmade from the embroidery to the weaving.

A visit to her website ( will allow you to enter her private universe. Make sure to check out her diary, it’s filled with fascinating pictures!

Recently, she opened her studio to the Elle Québec team. You can too by clickinh here:, and learn about her methods and inspirations!

Finally, see her creations worn by the beautiful young singer Kandle! need /


Picture credit: Marc Cramer

January 29, 2013 — Alessandro Merlo