The most beautiful, natural and uniform tan is definitely one you get while having fun outdoors. Doing the bacon on the edge of your pool is not recommended for a healthy and even tan. Here are some other quick tips:

  • Carry a good sunscreen. Chose a milky cream rather than an opaque cream.
  • Buy a sunscreen for you face and one for your body. The skin on your face doesn’t have the same complexity as the rest of your body, it is more fragile and requires special attention.
  • As the sun is very powerful, it is better to gradually expose your skin to it, for short periods, alternating with moments in the shade. These small breaks will prevent big damages to your skin.
  • Once your tanning session is completed, apply cream or after-sun lotion, which is designed to moisturize and continue to protect your skin after sunbathing.
  • If you opted for a self-tanner, don’t forget to apply it evenly. Wash your hands immediately after application to ensure that your palms won’t become orange. You can use a self-tanner with moisturizer. I recommend it for an application without worries!
January 29, 2013 — Alessandro Merlo