The wedding season is officially here! This important event is full of traditions, being perpetuated year after year! Here is a short list of our favorite traditions;

1 - The Rosary on the clothesline: according to popular belief, putting  a rosary on the rope before the wedding ensures good weather on the big day.

2 - Remember! The groom should not see the dress before the ceremony, as it would bring bad luck!

3 - The bride, according to tradition, must have four specific elements. ‘’Something old’’ reminds the bride of her life, the “new” element means a new start, the ’used’ (preferably from a happy bride) will bring good luck and happiness and the ‘blue’ item represents fidelity.

4 - The throwing of the bouquet: originally, the men chased the bride to catch her bouquet. This tradition has now changed, and now the bride tosses the bouquet back to the single female guests. The one that catches the flowers will marry within the year! It goes without saying that this tradition sometimes gives way to funny fights!

5 - Finally, a tradition that we find very romantic: the groom carrying his new bride to cross the door of their home. There would be two reasons for this: it was a hand to protect her from evil spirits that could attack her and secondly, to prevent her from tripping, which would have meant an unhappy life.

Which tradition is your favorite? 

July 02, 2013 — Alessandro Merlo