We didn’t conduct an international survey before writing on this topic, but we did do our research. In any case, the destinations preferred by celebrities are constantly evolving based on what is being offered to them, including the level of privacy, and of course, the beauty of the scenery. Here are a few of the idyllic destinations where stars have been spotted.  


  • Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with its heavenly bays, off-the-hook nightlife and turquoise waters reminiscent of Harry Styles’ baby blues.


  • Saint-Barthélémy (St. Barth) nestled between the Caribbean and the Atlantic oceans with its guaranteed gorgeous weather and the unspoiled wilderness the small island has been able to conserve.


  • Costa Rica for its sandy beaches, inviting climate and refreshing waves where gorgeous surfer-dudes hang loose.


  • Thailand and Asia’s most popular vacation destination, the island of Phuket (pronounced Poo - ket), attracts scuba diving fans with its unforgettable underwater spectacle.


  • The Maldives, an archipelago at the heart of the Indian Ocean, a veritable paradise on Earth where you will find one of the highest concentrations of luxury hotels in the world as well as completely deserted islands … Time to book the private jet?


What’s your dream destination? And who would your travel companion be? Tell us!

July 23, 2013 — Alessandro Merlo