*Our adorable Rebound shoe from Chelsee Girl is pictured above.

Sporty chic is clean, modern and minimalist, which is why it is hard not to love. Neutral and unassuming simplicity of the sporty chic trend is not only refreshing but also practical for us busy girls!

One important element to distinguish when considering how to put a sporty chic look together is that we aren’t aiming for an “Olympic/athletic” look  (tennis shoes and varsity jackets)– rather a luxe street look that can easily juxtapose sweatshirts and lace.

How to wear the classic slip on shoe: The Rebound, for the ultimate sporty chic look. 

1 -Neutrals: The beauty of using a neutral colour palette is that you can match it with nearly every other style and colour. 

2- luxe Sweats: Mixing sweatshirts and luxe is the ultimate formula for perfecting the sporty chic look. The easiest way to embrace the current pattern-mixing trend is by "matching" an interesting pair of slip-ons with a contrasting top, sweater—or, a graphic sweatshirt.

 3 - business street chic: A long dark peacoat with leather leggings? Yes please! Nothing says downtown, business girl like a sleek dark look and a sartorial sneaker!

4 - Pretty,please!: There’s no reason for us not to keep it ladylike – even when we are borrowing from the boys. After a long day of wearing heels, slips on shoes are a great way to stay fashionable but comfortable, not to mention a cool contrast.

5- Casual rocker: There's no better weekend uniform than one that involves jeans shorts and, when the weather is suitable, a leather jacket of your choice. While wearing this look with booties is a solid bet, why not try slip-on sneakers to maintain the outfit's casual edge?



Other Yellow shoes that perfectly fit the sporty chic aesthetic would be the Paloma, Yolo Run, Melody and Rebound. 


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August 18, 2015 — Alessandro Merlo