When autumn is just around the corner, men and women often feel at ease and reassured wearing dark clothes. Now that the sun and the heat are still present, to dress in black may not be ideal.

Therefore, Jay’s first look needed elegance and comfort with a fine touch of originality. We naturally selected the Attila model of dark gray shoes that are overstitched on the front, which gives the opportunity to wear it without socks to emphasize the look. For the shirt, we chose a light gray, always very trendy, and we added a mild touch of extravagance by choosing slightly distressed light pink pants. The bow tie is the final touch, and it is important in the matching of his suit since it brings out the colors without overshadowing them, which should always be the case for the accessories, especially for men.

In order to wear the shirt with a bow tie and without a jacket, the shirt must fit perfectly, that is the exact shoulder-width and close-fitting around the chest as well the waist. We decided to roll up the sleeves for even more comfort and style. For the straight-leg pants, it must fall just fine on top of shoes to not seem too long or oversized. And what if it is too short? It is now or never to agree to be a fashion victim since this is quite trendy!


If the pink is not in your personal color palette, know that the pants could also be blue, red, green or turquoise as long as they are not too dark. Do not hesitate to use some imagination when you open the doors of your closet, gentlemen!


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Text: Audrée Bellehumeur
Model: Jay Chevery

Photographer: Samuel Bibeau

August 25, 2015 — Alessandro Merlo