It’s snowing finally! The winter, as we know it, decided to show up, which makes us happy because we like our winter country for all the exceptional attractions and the natural beauty. On beautiful sunny days, there is nothing like going for a walk and enjoying the great outdoors and the sunlight. In Montreal, Mount Royal gives us this opportunity right in the heart of the city; however, we have to defy the weather conditions to be able to enjoy it. Jay chose the perfect day for an urban hike, barely below zero and sunny; it is the ideal weather when we are well enough dressed to not feel the cold.

We must admit that we absolutely fell in love with the Tremblant 2.0 from Riverland, winter boot created by Grisport for Yellow, and for good reason. It is a warm boot that lets breathe the skin during physical effort and that will age well thanks to its water repellent leather which is one of the best suited and treated boot for the canadian winter. The sole, which should never be neglected when buying a boot, is thick and gives a good grip on ice and snow and, on top of that, provides shock absorption while walking. This is thus a boot that you will appreciate more and more by wearing it.

For many, winter is synonymous with neutral and dark colors; and yet, it is interesting to play with the bright colors for enhancing complexion. And for even more radiant complexion, we combined the warm color of the sweatshirt with the cool colors of the shirt and the toque, which creates a evident thermal contrast. The primary interest of this mixture of colors is that it tends to flatter most of skin tones. For this specific style, we created an intense and rich contrast, but there is nothing stopping you from choosing lighter and more subtle colors. It is important to respect our personality when we get dressed: it helps a lot to feel good in our body and comfortable in public.

Now, to keep warm, the parka seemed to be the best choice because it offers protection from extreme weather conditions while being comfortable, flexible and easy to take on and off. In addition to facilitating the wearing of layered clothes, the parka could perfectly be worn with a jean whether distressed or ripped or traditional; the important thing is that it fits you well, gives to your legs a proportional appearance to the rest of your body and flatters your bottom – yes, here, I am talking about your butt!


At least one jean must be part of your wardrobe, gentlemen, since it is the best friend of the weekend and it could be worn with almost everything. But, yours, is it still suited to your needs?


Text and style : Audrée Bellehumeur
Linguistics and Translation : Arielle Desabysses
Model : Jay Chevery
Photographer : Samuel Bibeau

January 21, 2016 — Alessandro Merlo