Information for your Holidays look...

Oh, the holidays, such a special time of year for its exciting atmosphere and for these invitations to party and to share with the family or friends! We come back to the same question year after year: what shall we wear for the festivities, particularly since we can afford to avoid the classic suit? It is now possible to be chic and comfortable in order to fully enjoy the quality time before us. Gentlemen, the watchword for the holidays: accessories.

For this festive outfit, Jay Chevery wanted to wear his new Denzel black light boots since they can serve as outdoor boots and indoor boots. In this way, there is no need to bring a pair of spare shoes! Since the boot is reminiscent of the military style, it can easily take away a touch of chic. We can thus exaggerate, in this sense, the rest of our outfit.

We will not hide it from you, Jay wanted to be a little more fancy for the holidays; so we created a different look with the latest trends. We chose, first, a white collarless shirt – which we find increasingly easier in boutiques –, but that must be perfectly ironed at all times. We decided to match the shirt with cool colors plaid tweed dress pants that could easily be worn with several pieces of clothing in his wardrobe. It is always ideal to think in the long term when we shop, even for the special occasions. We already know that the shirt can easily be worn with jeans and the dress pants with tops in many different models and colors. Now, to add a touch of charm, we chose a black silk scarf. By simply being put on the collarless shirt, it dress up, in this way, the latter and it can replace the bow tie or the necktie, but in a lighter and more comfortable way. Jay selected a jewel from his personal collection: a wristwatch with a dial that is enhanced with a splash of yellow, color which can also be found on the pants.


And our final touch for the most adventurous, it is the winning accessory of the season, for the woman as well as the man: the hat. The choice of the model must take into account the shape of your head and the style you want to add to your outfit. Here, for the occasion, we chose a black felt bowler hat which add a certain “je ne sais quoi” to his look

December 21, 2015 — Daniel Munk