Autumn Look With Jay Chevery

For many of us, the fall season is ideal when it comes to dress ourselves since it’s at last the opportunity to use a large part of our wardrobe. But don’t forget to check if it will be sunny or cloudy because the weather can be very changing in one single day. So we don’t take any risks in the morning, we dress ourselves with layered clothes: in this way, we will be able to regulate our body temperature during the day by peeling ourselves like an onion.

It is certainly the best time of the year to go for a walk in the city or in the bush. Jay Chevery well understood it and, for this reason, among others things, he chose the Gotthard amber leather boot with faux sheepskin lined turn-down designed by Riverstone at Yellow. A perfect boot for the fall which easily fits his look through its rich color and its cream overstitching! 

To go with his new pair of boots, Jay wears cream-colored straight-leg jeans. This color is similar to white, but for the fall: it seems to get dirty less easily and compliments almost all clothes. Here, the jeans are worn with the big winning color of the season, the dark blue. We chose a navy blue plaid flannel slim-fitting shirt with cream buttons; it is the ideal shirt to not keep the moisture close to the body. Do not hesitate to prioritize very breathable fabrics for this first close-fitting garment; the flannel is a good example, but you can also choose a woolen material or polyester.

Our blue and cream plaid shirt was chosen based on its insulating potential and its comfort. Although the outside is made of cotton, the inside is designed to cut the wind, to let the skin breathe and to keep the heat close to the body, which makes it the unequaled garment to go outside and to go back inside. For the accessory, since Jay never goes anywhere without his watch (he has several models), we selected, for this look, a watch with a beige metallic wrist band which is a perfect match with his style. He can thus take advantage of it and go for a walk in the bush without his cell phone in the pocket.
In closing, gentlemen, if it is cooler, remember that sensitive areas which are the first victims of the cold are feet, hands and head, so do not forget to make sure that you have wool socks, good fashion gloves and a tuque for the season on hand.

Have a good fall!
Text : Audrée Bellehumeur
Model : Jay Chevery
Photographer : Samuel Bibeau
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