We caught up with Sam  - the women's shoe buyer at Yellow, and asked him 5 questions to get to know him better.


What is your dream Vacation?

1)       Rent a sailboat and casually drift along from island to island in Caribbean ocean. Try to survive a few days living off the oceans bounty.


What is one goal you’d like to accomplish  during your lifetime?

2)      One goal I would like to accomplish: have my own book be published and distributed (before actual books become extinct to tablets and other e-readers...). By the way, not an auto-biography but rather a fictional book like SCI-FI. Second close runner up is to have one of my paintings hung on the wall of New Yorks MOMA… I would settle to have a painting on the walls of a few other museums as well…


If you could have an endless supply of any food, what would you get?

3)      If I had an endless supply of food I would eat STONE CRAB. This is a crab that only exists in a small part of South Beach Miami Florida. This is hands down the most delicious seafood I have ever tasted. In addition, the world be a better place if we all ate Stone Crabs, since you only eat the arms of the crabs. When the crabs are collected their arms are removed and the crab is released back to the ocean where their arms grow back quickly. The crab stays alive and healthy, making this not only a delicious snack but also a sustainable food source.


Tell us about a unique or quirky habit of yours. 

4)      My quirky habit: organizing and re-organizing the furniture in my house. I do this way too often. When everything is finally settled in place, I am curious to see how my couch will look on the other side of the room!

 What inspires you most about working at Yellow?

5)       I am continuously inspired by working at Yellow as it really allows me a creative outlet. I feel so much passion and pride by designing and buying shoes that are worn by so many people in my local municipality, city, and province. I love to throw back and forth ideas with my colleagues and think of new ideas on how we can make the shoe world more fun and improve details like the comfort of our shoes. It really takes almost a full year to create a shoe from starting research and the design conception to the style being on the shelves… so I love the process of bringing an idea to life. Every shoe is my little baby :P

September 11, 2015 — Daniel Munk