The month of May made everyone feel good with its longer days, greenery and flowers that appear; we are finally back on our feet again! This is the time to stock up on sunshine and give energy of vitamin D back to our body. Take a walk and some fresh air, take this opportunity to rediscover the city. Jay wanted to take in the fresh air, but on Montreal island; so we went to enjoy the sun at the Old Port, “the tourist destination” for the coming months.

Actually the model that Jay chose this month is a laced and very light shoe which is breathable thanks to its design in fabric and its sole made of cork. It is both classy and casual since the model is similar to the sneakers, but its pale color highlighted with a darker sole contour adds some elegance. All these features make it the perfect shoe to add to our wardrobe for the summer since we can easily wear it for several occasions.

The style that we created was quite light for this sunny day, just to invite summer to stay. However, the parka was needed because the onshore wind reminds us that the weather is often cooler near a stream. For our monthly look, we decided to go for a touchy one: we ventured to mix white and cream which go together as well as black and blue, in our opinion, but that is a different matter. The best advice, when you mix colors that don’t fit in easily with each other, is to create connections between colors with accessories. In our look, the shoes and the belt made of rope are what echo all the colors, and the parka supports our choice with its touch of dark beige and its white swallows.

And you, do you have difficulty matching up colors?

Text and style: Audrée Bellehumeur

Linguistics and translation: Arielle Desabysses

Model: Jay Chevery

Photographer: Samuel Bibeau

June 07, 2016 — Anaïs Colpron