For everyone who were born in the 1980s, the overalls was certainly part of your wardrobe. We could do anything we wanted with our jean overalls since it was almost indestructible. But, in the late 1990s, we have seen them disappear and fall into the “fashion faux pas” category for nearly two decades. Yet several interesting styles can be created with different models, from very casual to very urban.



This month, Jay was looking for an indoor activity to do on unstable spring days: sometimes it is sunny, sometimes it rains, and as we saw recently, the snow can always surprise us. Jay chose the 1000, de la Gauchetière, the tallest skyscraper on Montreal island, for its indoor ice rink which is open year round, just to fall back into childhood for a few hours. Before to put on his skates, Jay wore STENTORIAN shoes that are made of synthetic jean and leather in order to offer him comfort, but also a casual look, while allowing him to be active. And this season, the patterns are very present, and we greatly encourage you to match them, but with a touch of boldness: with the same pattern in different colors or with different patterns in the same colors. For our monthly look, we chose a lined pattern, which is back in force for both men and women, by mixing stripes that are very large horizontally with stripes that are very thin vertically in the same shades.



Since the suit can take a bit of seriousness away from the man, and since Jay was in downtown, the trench-coat was appropriate for his travels: it gives him a touch of seriousness, and we simply like the mixture of styles.


Are you ready to play with the patterns?



Text and style: Audrée Bellehumeur

Linguistics and translation: Arielle Desabysses

Model: Jay Chevery

Photographer: Samuel Bibeau

April 19, 2016 — Johanne Labelle