We were looking forward to the spring, and it is with pleasure that we welcome back the arrival of spring. Big coats are finally over! We can make way to the lightness and be able of movements in our clothes. According to the old adage, never cast a clout till May be out, and, every year, we forget its credibility. Now, I remind you that the sun will change much the weather on daytimes, but the cold weather comes back quickly as soon as the sun goes down.

Today, we reinvent everything in order to meet our needs, our desires and our look. Yellow’s self-appointed mission is to do it with the construction boot because its style is loved, but, since it is designed for protecting the foot and being sustainable, it is a boot that is heavy, imposing and not very breathable. The gray leather MCGREGOR boot is thus the result of this mission: a light boot that is breathable, well designed, but which reminds of the classic construction boot. A must for the spring, gentlemen!

Jay, for the new season, wanted that we create an urban and fickle style that facilitates his trips, in order to be able to leave home in the morning and not return home until late in the evening. We thus found the suit that allows him to go to a team meeting or a meeting with a customer, which provides him the necessary comfort to work at the office or to go to a 5 to 7. We chose a suit, which is also redesigned since, instead of a traditional jacket, it is rather a mao collar jacket and the suit is made of a fabric with a minimum of spandex, which adds more comfort. But, with spandex, be careful: forget about the dryer, and this applies to all your types of clothes. Since the jacket is pretty thin, we chose a gray roll-neck pullover that will keep the heat close the body, but that will remain chic if Jay have to take off the jacket.

Last important thing to complete this look: accessories. The scarf, although not very apparent, is simply used for keeping him warm, and it could be completely used in the evening, if necessary. And, gentlemen, you too often neglect the belt wearing, but this allows you to wear your pants to the right height and to keep it in place, all the more so as several reversible models are now available in stores. It is therefore up to you to go shopping!

A special thanks to the Vincent D’Amérique store for the clothes of this month’s style!


Text and style: Audrée Bellehumeur

Linguistics and translation: Arielle Desabysses

Model: Jay Chevery

Photographer: Samuel Bibeau

April 01, 2016 — Alessandro Merlo